in addition to story and boards, i've directed several episodes of my independent web series BROBOT — from concept to completion. this includes voiceovers, recording/audio mixing, character animation, and post-production editing. all shows were animated in harmony advanced. they're not sequential, so you can jump in anytime. please enjoy! for a selection of my background design too, click here.

BROBOT: "hillsdaleoween" (2020)
after summoning a zombie apocalypse on halloween, the gang has to take ghastly measures to save the city of hillsdale – or else they may be put in the grave forever.

BROBOT: "just say bro" (2018)
brobot runs for class president, but loses two of his greatest loves–celia and weed.

BROBOT: "i. brobot" (2017)
a stoner robot fails his way through high school and friendships in the fictional suburb of hillsdale.